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Intel systems run an operating system in addition to your main OS, MINIX ME. And it’s raising eyebrows and concerns. Web server can access anything on your computer, security compromised by design.

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If you have a modern Intel CPU with Intel's Management Engine built in, you've got another complete operating system running that you might not have had any clue was in there: MINIX. That's right.
MINIX. The Unix-like OS originally developed by Andrew Tanenbaum as an educational tool - to demonstrate operating system programming - is built into every new Intel CPU. MINIX is running on "Ring -3" on its own CPU. A CPU that you, the useowner of the machine, have no access to.
The first thing that jumps out at me here: This means MINIX is in all likelihood the most popular OS shipping today on modern Intel-based computers.
Your CPU has a secret web server that you are not allowed to access, and, apparently, Intel does not want you to know about.
Note to Intel: If Google doesn't trust your CPUs on their own servers, maybe you should consider removing this "Feature." Otherwise, at some point they'll move away from your CPUs entirely.
Note to AMD: Now might be a good time to remove similar functionality from your CPU lines to try to win market share from Intel.
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